Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Clinical Safety Report

Question: Describe about the Report on Clinical Safety? Answer: 1) Appraisal of Charlies safety performance Charlie neglects his supervisors orders as well as basic rules (Wachter,2012) of healthy appearance and collecting blood from a patient. 2) Identification of Safety issues/violation by Charlie in Lab Charlie has violated the appearance rules(unshaved beard, dirty fingernails, no lab coat) as well as the clinical safety regulations (no gloves/PPE during blood collection, backdated medicine disposal in hospital drain, checking(blood clots) and mixing chemicals with bare/unwashed hands, no updating of inventory list and arrangement of equipment ) . 3) Safety Improvement Recommendations According to MSDS report, acetic acid is extremely hazardous to respiratory tracts, eyes and skin and sodium azide can cause irritation in skin and eyes (Faggian et al., 2014). Charlie should not pour those in the drain. He should be clean before entering the hospital and use lab coat regularly. Use of gloves, PPE is urgent while collecting samples from the patient. References Faggian, V., Scanferla, P., Paulussen, S., Zuin, S. (2014). Combining the European chemicals regulation and an (eco) toxicological screening for a safer membrane development.Journal of Cleaner Production,83, 404-412.

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