Sunday, March 8, 2020

Arab Conflict essays

Arab Conflict essays The Nazis used to say openly, 'we use democracy in order to destroy democracy.' Muslim terrorists and their international allies do not hesitate to use democracy in order to destroy it. Today, their 'Satan' is the U.S., Israel, or the promoters of the sin, 'The Western Civilization.' In order to stop them we must see reality from their vantage point, to expose their mind. It is the only way by which we can combat, challenge, thwart or prevent their wish to harm us. Recently, an expert on terrorism who also published a book and worked in the prestigious National Security Council, Dr. Jessica Stern, published an op-ed in the New York Times (Feb. 28, 2001) entitled, Execute Terrorists at Our Own Risk. She called on America not to use the death penalty against any convicted terrorist. For my point of view it is a call to 'appease' terrorists or potential terrorists. We tell them: "Go ahead, use our democracy, our law and order for your goals. We will never kill you." They who kill children and women, military and civilian people alike, have the right to kill but we, the victims or the potential victims, must obey the law and only put them in jails with the option of their friends blackmailing us. Many people, for a thousand and one reasons or motives, express their objection to the death penalty in principle. But Ms. Stern brings an old notion, an old argument: when you execute a terrorist, you created a martyr. (She said: "a risk") Yes, a martyr! Furthermore, she also argued that we should not have executed the American terrorist, McVeigh, because we create a martyr! Who will admire him as a martyr? I do not understand why she discussed McVeigh together with the issue of Muslim terrorism. She wants to save, from execution, those terrorists who killed 242 people in Kenya and Tanzania. Some of them are on trial in our courts. There is always an element of revenge. When you punish a terrorist, you know that his comrades might act...

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